David Learns Programming

Perl 5.10 Testing

Gentoo is still using perl 5.8 so I am trying to help out by testing perl 5.10. I really don't use much perl, I am learning python so not much time for that now but perl looks like it would be nice to learn.

I started by enabling the perl-experimental overlay and updating to perl 5.10.
Then I ran;

perl-cleaner all

then a script I found;
locate 5.8.8 | grep ^/usr/ | grep -v ^/usr/portage | xargs equery belongs | uniq | sed -e s/^/\=/ | xargs emerge --oneshot

Then updated everything;
emerge --sync
emerge -e1 system && emerge -e1 world
reinstalled 845 packages :)
emerge --sync
emerge -uND world

OK, all went well, so I asked what I should do next and was told to install as many perl programs as you can.
Inside /usr/portage/dev-perl there was 837 packages so I started installing them one by one, and thought, there has got to be a better way so I came up with this.
import os
from subprocess import call
perl_dir = "/usr/portage/dev-perl/"
if os.path.exists(perl_dir):
    fobj = os.listdir(perl_dir)
    for package in fobj:
        call(["emerge", package])